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Hi Season is Upon Us!

With the first of the Bank Holidays almost upon us, I always see it as a marker that winter is over and the summer is coming!  True to form, we are in for some nice weather this Easter and we have an unexpected vacancy after a late cancellation so if you fancy a trip to the seaside, give us a call!

We are still having problems with our contact form which will hopefully be rectified this week but apologies to anyone who has used it and not heard from me, I’m afraid it is floating around the ether along with all those odd socks and biro lids!  I will always reply to an email, even if it is just to say we are full so if you don’t hear back from me, give me a call or email me directly at

This weekend I will mostly be wearing rainbows and working with my lovely friends on Ramsgate Town Team where we will be hosting the Easter Event along with the fabulous Ramsgate Arts team who are holding their first outdoor Handmade and Vintage Fair this year.  The amazing Looping the Loop will also be joining us and during the afternoon, we will be parading along the promenade in all things colourful!  You may even get to see a unicorn…

There is so much going on this summer (too much to list in this blog!) and if you want some help planning your trip down, I recommend the brilliant Isle Magazine which you can have a read of by clicking the link here.

Hope to see lots of you this year and whatever you do this summer, have fun!